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Travel INFO

Info - driving - airport - lodging - etc

 As of January 16, 2019: Weather forecast for this week is looking to be sunny and  easy to drive.  

Alien Snowfest ll staff are looking forward to having you all attend our event.  We created this addition page so as to assist in your travel and booking needs.  Many folks are flying in from all over the country and the world once again to catch this unique venue event.  It's not the's the mountains so you need to always be prepared for anything. 


Although Big Bear Lake California sits at around 7,000 feet in elevation we still are in "Southern California" which is dry and arid.  The average daytime-winter temperature in Big Bear Lake is by my guess  is around 42 degrees.  Nights typically drop to the low to mid twenties.  So you'll want to bring: jacket, hat, gloves, snow boots and perhaps snow pants, and whatever else you prefer such as long underwear. 

Air travel:

Ontario International airport-California  (not Canada)

flying into Los Angeles to save a few bucks can end you up in hours of traffic heading east to the base of the Big Bear Mountains (known as the San Bernardino mountains.)

Car Travel:  

Book a four wheel drive suv!

There are three routes that you may take to Big Bear Lake.  The most traveled and by far busiest way is up hwy 330 (front way), then hwy 38 (Redlands way), and hwy 18 from Victorville (the back way.)


Hwy 18 (the back way) is what I travel on mainly in the winter.  Now it can be confusing as there are two ways up from lower elevation on hwy 18.  It's important to travel up hwy 15 through Victorville in the high desert (not Lake Arrowhead which is the busy skier traffic route.)

Once in Victorville you'll take Bear Valley road exit and turn right (east) towards Lucerne Valley (about 25-30 miles.)  Once you're in Lucerne you'll see road signs leading you to Big Bear Lake.  This is called the 'back way' and is only 13 miles from the base to the top.  It's dry and deserty so less snowfall drops this way.  Should there be snow it will be much less headache getting up vs hwy 330 or 38.

We will post updates more near the event.  But do travel with some sense of caution, and be safe.  


Big Bear has a ton of lodging, ranging from hotels, small cabin resorts, to vacation rentals.  Most require a two night stay during the winter ski season, yet some offer one-night stays.  Be sure to shop around and find the best deal for yourselves.  Avoid staying in "upper Moonridge or Boulder Bay. has links to lodging, yet other companies and services may be found on google.  

Should you need any help finding good and convenient lodging feel free to email of call us.  

But do book your lodging asap!!!

Thank you

Trevor Potter

Event Producer

by: Potter's Mtn, Sports


P.S.  all in all Big Bear Lake is a fairly easy place to get to.  Although who knows what mother nature can bring.  Also snowfall varies tremendously from year to year.  Last season we had less than a foot of snow all winter and the year before we had over 10 feet all winter.  Whatever the winter brings just try to take it easy when traveling up to the mountains and realize millions of people drive up here every winter and do so safely.


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